Project Description

Pence Kelly completed this seismic upgrade project at the Woodlark Hotel for LCG Pence Construction. It involved the tying together of 2 existing 100 year old buildings in downtown Portland and then structurally reinforcing them to code.  This included constructing two elevator cores in very tight spaces. Mike Collum and John Stewart were the Project Superintendents, Brad Hayes and Jerry O’Keefe were the Project Engineers, and both Zach Grasley and Scott Butler served as the Project Managers on this job.

Construction uncovered a lot of issues with these old deteriorating buildings that required design changes. Location and space made deliveries and access very challenging on this job. In 16 months, over 1,500 cubic yards of concrete were poured on this job.

Project Description

The Pence/Kelly PDX-QTA project for Hoffman Construction Company and owner, Port of Portland completed in 15 months of construction. This two-level parking structure sits adjacent to PDX P-2 Parking Garage. QTA stands for Quick Turn Around. Rental cars are returned on the ground level then go through an expedited process of cleaning and refueling before arriving on the top level where they remain parked until rented again.

Project Engineers includes both Zac Grasley and Brad Hays. Zach Grasley and Nat Taylor were the Project Managers while Whitey, John Stewart, Steve Taylor, Troy Humphreys, and Frank Barnes all served as project Superintendents. This was Pence/Kelly’s first BIM coordinated (Business Information Modeling) project–a three month plan and design modeling process that preceded construction.

The 315,420 square foot structure was built on 150-foot piles with pile caps and a structural parameter grade beam. Cast in place concrete walls and columns were used to support the precast double-T structure. A four-inch structural slab was placed over the double-Ts, then waterproofed, before a two and a half inch fiber reinforced topping slab was applied. Over 12,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured on this project.


 Project Description

Mennonite Home is part of the Mennonite Village Campus in Albany, Oregon and home to hundreds of senior citizens. Pence Kelly performed work for a large-scale memory care addition there that involved removal of the north wing and construction of a brand new 4-level, 57,633 square foot replacement structure.

The project included a foundation basement with perimeter retaining walls and elevated post tension deck on the first floor. Both the second and third floors were slab on metal decks. More than 1,800 cubic yards of concrete were poured for this job.

The new structure has 42 suites, a community room, beauty salon, chapel and therapy room. The remainder of the original building was remodeled from semi private rooms to suites with private toilets and showers.

This project was completed on time and within budget for general contractor, LCG Pence Construction.


Project Description

With much momentum and expertise, Pence Kelly completed the DHS Corvallis project in 4 months. Nat Taylor and Scott Butler were both Project Managers on this job while Brad Hays was the Project Engineer and Steve Taylor was the Superintendent.

The DHS Corvallis project was a 50,000 SQF 1-level tilt up concrete office building with brick facing that was poured in place. Footings and foundation were slab on grade.

Over 2,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured on this job for Fortis Construction, Inc.