Recognized Safety Program

Pence/Kelly takes safety to heart. We know that safety on the jobsite means workers go home at night and client projects stay on time and within budget. We have taken such strides toward safety that our work has been appraised by OSHA and given high marks for success through the Oregon SHARP program.

“The SHARP program has shown that if Oregon businesses are educated and coached to more effectively manage their own workplace safety and health programs, they will come to a point where continuous improvement is part of their culture.” – Oregon OSHA

SHARP graduates are a small crowd. Find out more about what it takes to be an Oregon OSHA SHARP graduate here.

The Project Superintendent at each job site will be responsible for the safety at their project. They will prepare fall protection programs, administer weekly safety meetings, and are authorized to issue safety violations to subcontractors and our own craftspeople. Our Superintendents take safety seriously and we empower them to ensure the safety of our job sites.

Drug Free for Safety

Pence/Kelly is a drug free company, and mandatory drug tests are required prior to hire. Our testing program also includes random jobsite testing. We are committed to providing safe, drug free craftspeople to our customers.

Pence/Kelly Safety manual

Subcontractors can view the P/K Safety Manual here: Pence Kelly Safety Manual